6 summer looks that never go out of style

'90s-era babysitter: A surprisingly timeless look.

'90s-era babysitter: A surprisingly timeless look. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Though we’re well into August now and September is looming dangerously on the horizon, it’s still summer. Don’t freak out about the advent of fall quite yet. You still have time to wear your favorite sundresses and cutoffs before the weather changes -- except for that weird 55-degree day we had last week. (What WAS that?)

There are certain summer styles that are so classic and, well, easy to rock during June, July, and August that they’ve become kind of iconic. (Iconic is an overused word, but just roll with it.) They’re the outfits you reach for nearly every day in the warmer months. They’re go-tos. They’re simple, they’re timeless, they work. And they’re just begging to be poked fun at. Which one are YOU?

The Lake Girl
For you, every weekend is best spent “up North” at your cabin somewhere by a Zorbaz. During the work week, you wear a lot of J. Crew, but on the weekends, anything goes. That usually means some pajama shorts you’ve had since college, a huge sweatshirt, and rubber flip-flops. If you’re a Minnetonka lake girl, though, it means a dark tan, cutoffs that you did NOT cut off yourself, and one of those off-the-shoulder tops that is sold every five seconds at Target.

The Maxi Dress
You wear it to brunch. You wear it to weddings. You wear it to dinner. You wear it to dates. You wear it to work (with a jean jacket.) Every spring, you buy a handful of colorful maxi dresses (or that blasted striped maxi skirt every woman in Minneapolis seems to own) and you live in them. Hey, we don’t blame you. You can basically be naked underneath, and you can eat whatever you want and drink as much beer at the Twins game as you can possibly afford.

The Country Concert
Summer in Minnesota usually means a few big outdoor country concerts, whether that’s Florida Georgia Line at the Twins stadium or WE Fest up in Detroit Lakes. Every girl attending wears this outfit, or a variation thereof: tiny cutoffs, plasticky cowboy boots that aren’t made of real leather, a floral tank or off-the-shoulder top, and long, loose waves. Just grab a guitar and make your Nashville debut already.

The Oh God It’s So Hot and I Don’t Have A/C
Everyone knows THAT week in July when it’s 100 degrees outside with humidity to match. It’s sticky, it’s hella hot, and you basically slide off a patio chair because you’re slick with sweat and sunscreen. Ah yes, you’re saying to yourself. That week. During that week, the only thing to wear is the closest thing to nothing you can get. Some go for roomy linen dresses in the Eileen Fisher art teacher vein. Some go for a bikini top and shorts. Some go for literal nakedness in their room as they sit by the fan whimpering and eating ice cubes. Either way, it’s a look.

The “I Hate Summer”
Summer’s not your thing and you can’t hide it. You’re waiting for November, when it’s not cold as balls but it’s still, well, not 100 degrees. I don’t agree with you, but I understand you. Your look? Jeans, boots, long sleeves. 24/7, 365. You commit to your cold-weather aesthetic, even when it’s so humid and sweaty that you feel like you might actually die. Layers are your thing, and you have A/C at home anyway. You probably drink hot coffee in July, too.

The ‘90s Babysitter
This look is worn almost exclusively by teens and hot girls. My babysitters in the ‘90s wore these outfits, which include velvet chokers, sunflower-print dresses, crop tops, and circular sunglasses. What’s next, Blossom hats?