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Mystery Science Theater 3000

Daily from Feb. 28-29
7 p.m.
Comedy, Film, Theater

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is middle-aged, but it’s still as fresh as ever and touring the U.S. with another live show. Joining the cast on this go round is Minnesota native Yvonne Freese, who plays both Gypsy (now known as GPC) and Mega Synthia, a new character. “I did a show a few years back called Spandex: The Musical, and half the cast was from New York City.” Cue the MST3K gang: “New York City!?!” Freese became close friends with many of her castmates, and this past summer one of them sent her the audition notice for MST3K. “I clicked on it and thought, ‘Dream job.’ My friends convinced me to go, and I got the job on my first New York City audition—an incredible stroke of luck!” Freese was familiar with the show but not a superfan. She quickly became acclimated to the MST3K universe, though. As GPC, she gets a few riffs in and has written several for the show. She even gets a little practice in while traveling. “We watch movies on the bus,” she says, “and once you’re in the rhythm of it you just start [riffing] all the time until someone says, ‘Stop! You’re ruining the movie!”