Best dishes countdown #76: Ramen at Zen Box


John Ng and Lina Goh got their ramen memo a long time ago. It seems like many of us only just started swiveling our heads around in wonder, thinking, where, oh where, are all the noodles? But the proprietors of Zen Box Izakaya have been trying to do something about our dearth of soup for years. They travel the world, but especially Tokyo, in search of the bests bowls, bringing their intel back to town. Two years ago they started our local Ramen Attack, bringing together purveyors of the trade in one convenient place for easier access to all of them (we predict next year's is going to be wild). Are you always haunting ramen blogs and manga in search of the most obscure references and haunting down those bowls? Zen Box might be the best place for you to find them. They're regularly testing out new things, sometimes for one night only — tonkotsu, kimchi ramen, bonito broth, clam broth, and lots more. Keep an eye on their Facebook Page for what they're up to tonight.